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PackageMaker 2008

Package Maker 2008 version 1.0 works only for Web Projects.
With PackageMaker you can easily Create file package from changesets.

So how does it work?

After you are connected to the TFS, write the 'changesets' and chose the right workspace from the list.
As we start the run we begin from the oldest "changeset" and forward, the reason is to take the newest file.
For every change in the 'changeset' the APP starts to download the 'changeset' files.
There are Web files and DLL/EXE files; there are several differences when dealing with those kinds of files:
Web files - after getting the path of the file from the source control, the APP goes backward and searches the 'web.config', if the 'web.config' was found, the APP downloads the file directly from the source control.
Not Web files – if the APP searches for 'web.config' and returns 'false' we assumes the files are related to a DLL or EXE, the app searches for "proj" files in the path and when the files are found. The APP takes the 'AssemblyName' of the output file.
After getting the 'AssemblyName', the APP takes the file from the local workspace. (It's important to perform 'get latest' in order to get the most updated file).

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